About Us

Abiliti was started with an urge to help children with learning disability (dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia) in 2008 by our founder Dr. Taruna Samnotra. She firmly believes that every child is unique and has hidden abilities that need to be explored. With proper remedial training and early intervention every child can achieve success.

The aim of Abiliti is to integrate children with special educational needs into the mainstream system.

To provide our services to a larger group of students Abiliti was transformed into a NGO in 2017 and named Abiliti foundation. Since then Abiliti has broadened its horizons and works with slow learners as well . Abiliti also caters services to children from Marathi medium of instruction and has also added one more feather in its cap by becoming the regional hub for assistive technology.

Abiliti foundation also runs a parallel school under the banner “ Lalit Samnotra Developmental School” (LSDS), for children with special needs who find it difficult to cope in the main stream schools. We firmly believe in inclusive education and the parallel school works towards the inclusion of these children in the main stream by using inclusive methods. We wish to set up a full fledged school with all therapies under one roof in the near future.


  1. To build a school that provides all therapies under one roof.
  2. Creating a conducive atmosphere for children with LD and special educational needs .
  3. Advocacy regarding LD and special educational needs in children.
  4. Counselling parents and teachers and helping them accept children with special needs,
  5. The foundation aims to reach every child in need of educational and mental support.
  6. Making education stress free and reducing the number of drop-outs by using innovative methods to make education fun is what we strive for.


Rehabilitation of children with specific learning disability into mainstream
education system.

To promote the rights of individuals with specific
learning disability through diagnostic and remedial services, advocacy, research and capacity building


Abiliti Foundation is committed to serving children with special need and their families. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. It is our mission to provide quality therapy services for all children and their families. We are dedicated to providing opportunities to
maximize each child’s highest potential while promoting respect and acceptance of human diversity; sensitivity to child and family needs; and inclusion in a nurturing, community-supported environment. Our vision is also to be a change agent in the development of treatment modalities, educational approaches and public policy affecting children and families.
We offer a comprehensive, coordinated continuum of services for those children who demonstrate need for speech, occupation and remedial therapy.