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Abiliti was started with an urge to help children with learning disability (dyslexia ,dysgraphia and dyscalculia) in 2008 by our founder Dr.Taruna Samnotra. She firmly believes that every child is unique and has hidden abilities that need to be explored. With proper remedial training and early intervention every child can achieve success.
The aim of Abiliti is to integrate children with special educational needs into the mainstream system.


“By education, I mean an all round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit “

-Mahatma Gandhi



Dyslexia literally means ‘difficulty with words’(from the Greek DYS meaning problem and lexis meaning word or language).
It is a specific learning difficulty with affects a person’s ability to read, spell and understand Language that he/she hears, or express himself/herself clearly while speaking or in writing. Dyslexia is not a disease; it has no cure.
Dyslexia is caused by irregularities in the way information is processed in a brain which is often gifted and productive in many other areas.
Dyslexia is not the result of low intelligence. People with dyslexia are unique, each having individual strengths and weaknesses. Many individual with dyslexia are creative and have unusual talents in areas such as art/graphics, sports, architecture, electronics/computing, dramas, music, or mechanics/engineering. They often display special talents in areas that require good visual, spatial and motor integration

“One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world”

–Malala Yousafzai


  • IQ Testing.
  • Academic Assessment.
  • Remedial training for learning disabilities.
  • Educational Intervention.
  • Therapies for behavior modification.
  • Social skills training.
  • Cognitive development.
  • Aptitude testing.
  • Phonic training
  • Training for Language Development
  • We also provide remedial training for Children from Marathi medium.

“educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”


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  • Neha Laddha
    Abiliti My Backbone!! Abiliti has given me the confidence to face my problems and to deal with them. It has also helped me to explore myself i.e. What I can do for myself. There was a time when my parent didn't believe in me for my academics but Taruna ma'am did believe in me and got the best out of me. Today whatever I am able to do or what will I do in future or I can say that I have a vision for my future is just because of her. She is the person who is not just a teacher but a friend.. a friend to whom I can share all my problem she is always there to hear me out and always gives the best solutions. Thank you so much Taruna ma'am for always helping me and all other students when they need you. we are truly blessed to have you as our mentor
    Neha Laddha
  • Amol
    Thank You Teacher for everything you have done for me. You mean a lot to me. More than a guru you were a friend to me. Its been 11 years and many more to come for our teacher student bonding. You were always there whenever I needed you. thank you. Your Loving Student.  
  • Utkarsha Patil
    Hello everyone , I am Utkarsha Patil, sister of Abhay Patil. I am writing this testimonial with lots of love and gratitude for all the support and great learning techniques that you had provide my brother in the past three years in this prestige school [ABILITI FOUNDATION] This is a school that specializes in learning differences. They are expert at teaching kids, like abhay, worth dyslexia and other diagnoses. A friend of ours referred us to Taruna samnotra Teacher and said that she  could not amazing things with children and dyslexia when Taruna teacher tested Abhay he could not even stay on the line and read, he jumped words, sentences and he could not write his alphabet correctly not could he spell any words without missing letters etc. Being at this school was a turning point in his education and was the reason for a huge boost in his self confidence .He realized that there are other people like him. He wasn't afraid to read in class, to participate , or to make mistakes because everyone was like him. Here , He learned to believe in his self and that even though he is dyslexic, that doesn't define him. He then learned that he was as capable of learning the skill he would need to be successful in life as any other student ability foundation has changed my brothers life forever . Taruna teacher is an exceptional teacher , No obey was able to help my brother until we found her, Taruna Teacher has a goft to be able to understand exactly what someone need and we got instant result from her teaching technique's . Her teaching skills not only help my brother academically but improved his self esteem also. Thank you for everything. Thank you Taruna Teacher And Team Ability
    Utkarsha Patil