Dyslexia literally means ‘difficulty with words’(from the Greek DYS meaning problem and lexis meaning word or language)  It is a specific learning difficulty with affects a person’s ability to read, spell and understand Language that he/she hears, or express himself/herself clearly while speaking or in writing.

Dyslexia is not a disease; it has no cure. Dyslexia is caused by irregularities in the way information is processed in a brain which is often gifted and productive in many other areas.

Dyslexia is not the result of low intelligence. People with dyslexia are unique, each having individual strengths and weaknesses. Many individual with dyslexia are creative and have unusual talents in areas such as art/graphics, sports, architecture, electronics/computing, dramas, music, or mechanics/engineering.

They often display special talents in areas that require good visual, spatial and motor integration


  • Short attention span/unable to concentrate: not able to pay attention long enough to finish an activity.
  • Restless or hyperactive: moves around constantly; fidgety; doesn’t seem to move with a purpose in mind; picks on other children. Does not complete task; careless, unorganized approach to activities: does not finish what is started.
  • Listening difficulties; does not seems to understand: has trouble following directions; turns away while others are talking; does not seems interested.